In accordance with discussions preliminary to Pencak Silat Kuntao Matan's (PSKM) 3 June 2002 recognition the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT), Paatje Kudding and PSKM have been invited by PERSILAT to establish a Canadian Pencak Silat Federation under the international auspices of PERSILAT. To see PSKM's initial mandate in February 2001 to set up a Canadian Federation go here; the final June 4 2002 authorization after PERSILAT's June 3 recognition of the system is here.

The new federation will carry the Bahasa Indonesia name PERKASA, standing for Persatuan Kanada Pencak Silat. In Bahasa Indonesia 'perkasa' means 'strong, brave, skillful, courageous'.

PERKASA will represent PERSILAT in Canada, organize and promote traditional, authentic Indonesian martial arts practice, lead and coordinate Canadian participation in international Pencak Silat events operated by PERSILAT and PERKASA's fellow national Federations in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, Britain, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and elsewhere. PERKASA's immediate concern is the preparation of a Canadian presence at the PERSILAT World Championships in Penang, Malaysia in December 2002.

Membership in PERKASA, and participation in PERKASA events, is automatically open to members of any PERSILAT-recognized schools or systems active in Canada. Due to Pencak Silat Kuntao Matjan's experience in approaching PERSILAT and seeking recognition and membership, PSKM and PERKASA will make it a central feature of their mission to assist and advise any non-recognized groups in Canada who may wish to seek acknowledgement from Jakarta, and membership in PERSILAT and thence PERKASA.

PERKASA will develop a relatively open-ended approach to groups practicing any Indonesian or Malay art in Canada, and arts based on those traditions. Although PERKASA/PERSILAT events are confined to recognized members (as per PERSILAT policy and regulations), PERKASA will seek to develop an open-access information clearing house on all Indo-Malay martial arts practice in Canada, and encourage an approachable and accessible relationship with other martial arts groups and organizations.

For more information on PERKASA membership, activities, or application advice vis a vis PERSILAT, please contact:

Paatje Richard Kudding
248 Silver Creek Way N.W.
Calgary, Alberta.
T3B 4H5 Canada.
Email: [email protected]


Dr. Philip H.J. Davies
Department of International and Strategic Studies
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Malaya
Lembah Pantai
50603 Kuala Lumpur
Email: [email protected]
A draft copy of PERKASA's charter and proposed activities can be downloaded here.. Please submit any comments or suggestions to Dr. Davies above.