Kuntao Matjan Logo

The Kuntao Matjan Logo was designed to embody and represent the key ideas and influences underlying Paatje Carel Faulhaber's Kuntao. The logo is topped with a tiger's head, as the term Matjan (Macan in contemporary bahasa spelling) is Javanese for tiger. The red outer roundel reads Perguruan Kuntao Matjan, meaning the Tiger Kuntao System (or School as 'perguruan' can mean both). The term 'matjan' is given in its pre-1974 spelling partly because the art was brought to the west prior to the revised spelling system being developed, and partly because the older spelling is more easily understood by those unfamiliar with the post-1974 spelling system.

Within the inscribed white roundel are key elements in the art's identity. In the centre of the enclosed roundel the system's main blade weapon, the golok is placed above the system's main 'standing' fist, over the crossed cabang which are the second main weapon of the style. There is also significance in the fact that the golok is not a battlefield weapon but a farmer's blade for cutting cane, and the cabang are primarily defensive weapons, stressing that this is a self-defence art, and not one of offensive warfare.

On either side of the crossed weapons are the the Chinese characters for Kuntao () while beneath them is the traditional Javanese script ( Huruf Jawa or Aksara Jawa), for 'matjan'.